Cubis 2 Game

Cubis 2 is a really fun free online strategy game that can be found on many great Return Man 3 game sites., and (look under the games link) are a few of the many great websites to find this game at. Choose the puzzle tab to find Cubis 2.

2048 Cupcakes can be played in either arcade or morph-fun arcade mode by clicking the appropriate box. The object of the game is to leave the least amount of cubes (preferably none) as possible in each of the twenty game sets. Use cubes by moving your mouse or controller to move, destroy, of lift other cubes. By using a cube to shoot, the cube will knock out other cubes. Use a colored block to knock out many blocks of the same color at a time.

cubefield game

In morph-fun mode there are a few fun and unique features such as ghost blocks that move around the board at will. An osmosis cube will combine its color with another making a different color to knock out.

At Tunnel Rush end of each round you will see your point stats which include the number of chains and cubis chains that were made, how many cubes the puzzle began with, bonuses, penalties. Your score is your own and is never combined with others to gain an average.

Special Cubes

Obstacles such as stone cube blocks need to be blown up by a bomb or melted by a lazer to utilize the path the stone cube is in.

Wedge cubes are used to lift cubes upward. These can be used to knock out two or more of the same color with a same colored cube.

Cracked cubes will mash into other blocks though if the block lands next to another it can be used like a regular cube.

Dual colored cubes have two colors. These cubes will knock out the two colored rows if placed between the them or knock out blocks out of either color if placed by only one color on the dual cube.

Cubes that are not solid are shot to change the color of existing blocks. This can eliminate blocks or be used to build Duck Life up to the three colors in a row needed to knock out the blocks.

Tips & Tricks

Take out the starred cubes first or as soon as possible as they have more point value.

Use lift cube to get under a different colored block to get rid of two or more same colored blocks. Lift cubes can also be used to destroy blocks on a second level.

Most websites do not require registration (which could result in increased e-mails in your spam or inbox) or a fee to play their games. Be sure to check the site to ensure complete anonymity. Yahoo games is one site that does not require registration or fee’s to play Run 3 .

Have fun playing Cubefield We would like to know what you think. Please share other websites if you find a really great one.